Your safety is important to us and to you having FUN!  The Shady Oaks Amusements staff members who set-up and are available to supervise the amusments at your event are hired and trained because they understand the importance of keeping you and your guests safe.

Astro Blaster Cannon Ball Game

Dimensions: 25 ft. long X 13 ft. Wide X 16 ft. high

Giant Soccer Ball Dart Inflatable Game

10’H x 12’W x 6’L or 16’H x 19’W x 9’L
Up to 2 Players at a time

Whack-A-Mole Inflatable Game 

Dimensions: 14 ft. long X 14 ft. wide X 5 ft. high

Lumberjack Throw Dual Lane Game 

Dimensions: 14 ft. long X 16 ft. wide X 15 ft. high

Lumberjack Throw Single Lane Game 

Dimensions: 14 ft. long X 8 ft. wide X 15 ft. high

Gladiator Jousting Inflatable Game 

Pick your pedestal and make your stand! Two opponents fight it out with safe padded jousting sticks in a large blow up arena. Last one to fall wins! Requires a level area and electricity. 25'x25' area required.

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Wrecking Ball Interactive Inflatable 

4 players compete in an inflatable netted arena. They climb atop their inflated pad, grab the "Demolition Ball" and push it at their opponents in an attempt to knock them off their pads. As the Demo Ball swings back, try and grab it! The last player standing is the champion! Requires 30'x30'x19'h level area and electricity within 75'. Ages 9 and older

First Down Football Inflatable Game

The First Down Football is an exciting inflatable game that lets players young and old show off their passing game. Future quarterbacks can face off with each other, as they throw the football across the field to the back wall that holds a line of receivers. Once the pass is completed, the football then is returned to the opposing quarterback's lane. The competitive spirit really gets going as each player tries to get rid of all of their footballs.

Inflatable Skeeball Game 

Most adults remember this from arcades and our favorite birthday party...Skeeball!  Everybody loves this game. Good for young and old. Everybody will play. Now you can play your favorite game on your turf. The dimensions are 22L x 6.5W x 9H. Requires electricity within 75 feet.

Hippo Chow Down (watch the video!)

The latest 4-player bungee tug-o-war style game. Once the referee blows the whistle, each of the 4 players starts from their wall and races to the pond of balls in the center of the game to retrieve as many balls as possible and return them to the mesh bag at their starting wall. Once all of the balls are chow’d down, the player with the most balls in their bag is the winner. 

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Viking Axe Throw Game

Axe throwing has become hugely popular, and now it's the hottest new inflatable game. Now available with a Viking theme! 


We are proud to introduce the definitive inflatable axe throw. Larger-than-life artwork, realistic foam axes, and a durable built-in vinyl floor.

Dimensions: 21’W x 19’L x 12’H - Up to 4 Players at a time

Farm Frenzy Game

30’ W x 30’L x 8’H
4 Players Max
Min Height 34” - Max Weight 200lbs

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